Sea views in Nam Du islands – Checkin Bai Soi!

The Nam Du islands have not only a nice beach, yummy and cheap seafood, but also a serious impressive hotels where the young like taking a photograph and checkin. If you have a chance to travel in Vietnam, look in this nice islands!!!

How to get to Nam Du island?

Google Map Bai Soi beach

Being Located in Hon Lon of the Nam Du islands, Bai Soi beach is an ideal destination for you and your friends to spend time together.

Nam Du

The serious hotels and restaurants are a rare space in Nam Du islands. In general, it is far from the noise areas and built by the natural materials. Moreover, the hotels have a beach view and specially you can dive to look at corals under the sea.

The small wooden houses are made with the natural materials as leaf roofs, bamboo walls… As a result, the Bai Soi beach has won the tourists’s sympathy so much.

The Bay Soi beach has not only a nice space, a beautiful and romantic architecture but also a serious restaurants with many different menus and professional chefs. Additionally, it price is extremely reasonable!!

Nam Du islands

About Nam Du hotels and its itinerary to Nam Du

Also, there are many rooms for you to choose such as:

– Group rooms (more than 4 people) with a beach view: include 4 buck beds for 8 people and a seperate toilet, conditioners. Its price: 150 000 vnd per person. If your group is less than 3 people, it is 500 000 vnd per night.

– Single rooms with a beach view: include a single bed 1,8 meters in width X 2 meters in heighth, a toilet, a conditioner. Its price is 400 000 vnd per day from Friday to Sunday. And it’s 350 000 vnd per day from Monday to Thursday.

Single rooms with a mountain view: a room 1.8 meters X 2 meters, a separate toilet, a fan. Its price is 300 000 vnd per day from Friday to Sunday, and it is 250 000 vnd per day from Monday to Thursday.

An important note: You had better get up early to enjoy its dawn from 5.30 to 6.30. However, you must not go anywhere, only open your windows ( the beach view) and then see it comfortably.

Besides, if you dont use this service, you can visit Bai Soi beach to swim with 20 000 vnd per person (all cleaning fee and fresh water)

A sea view of hotels Nam du beach

Including, let’s travel Nam du islands, check in Bai Soi beach – a so cool beach view!



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