Bui Vien pedestrian street no traffic no vehicles July 15th

Besides interested destinations Saigon you should look in like Cu Chi tunnels, Ben Thanh market, Dam Sen Park, Prominent government centre during war, 19th century European-style cathedral, Giac Lam pagoda….Bui Vien is still the most popular and attractive street to foreigners. All tourists feel pleased with the life, food, people and the land of Bui Vien pedestrian street. That Bui Vien is too busy, so street with no vehicles no traffic may be no more accidents.

walking street Bui Vien

There are no accident?

From July 15th, Pham Ngu Lao street organised a pilot project. Accordingly, the vehicles ar ban in Bui Vien street from 5.00 pm to 2:00 am of the new day every Saturday and Sunday. That will make Bui Vien a street with no traffic and no more vehicles.

The owns can park the vehicles at number 23 September near the walking street. The citizens will be gotten logos to print at the top of their vehicles to determine. The printed vehicles will be walk into.

The tourists coming to the street can have four free, including: Toilet,  Wifi, Information service and free supports…

 There are a lot of stages folk art and international music.

Some sharing about news of Bui Vien pedestrian street :

Some tourists hope that there are many street food and many areas that we can dance and have some interesting meets. The young boys wan to have more bars, and some drinking is cheaper, busier. With another woman, she feels so wonderful that there are a lot of outside activities for both foreign and domestic tourists. Therefore, people can enjoy and love the street much more.

Above all, the tourists said that with the pedestrian street, it is safer, no traffic and no accident. Specially, people can drink beer and come back the hotels with worrying about traffic. Moreover, with the pedestrian, they can walk easily.




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