Review about Da Nang raining days in tourists’ eyes

 Da Nang people seems to be born by sun, wild, beach and outside activities. As a result, the beauty about people, landscapes, beach makes Da Nang attract tourists. And How about the Da Nang raining days? Certainly, you do not think that its raining days is as beautiful as other sunny days.

Peck at a cup of coffee and admire the city through a raining

 In the light raining days, it is perfect for you to drop in a coffee shop to drink and sniff up its smell. Also, you can hear the sweet sound of guitar while it is raining outside the window. The raindrop which falls lightly on the glass or from leaves down to the street make all you sensational.

Stroll on the streets and walk on the bridge in Da Nang raining days

Couples of love hold hands together and stroll on the Da Nang bridge in order that they can look at the street. Suddenly, it is raining, as a result, you are interested to look in coffee shop to sheltered from the rain. It is amazing!!! Then, it is obvious that the city become pure and clean after the raining.
Da Nang is not rained continually for several days and it is also not too cold. Therefore, the tourists can go out, look at the street, join into outside activities…..Specially, amusement parks and inside activities still open to service the tourists.

Travel around the peaceful city with a familar cyclo

Da Nang raining days

The familar cycles will ride you to the Da Nang streets. On the streets, you are easy to catch vendors with loads of food. Thank to the sound of activities and smoke of eating shops, Da Nang suddenly becomes a warm and busy street.
If you have a chance to drop in Da Nang city, certainly, you realise that it is not too colourful and busy. On the contrary, it is so fond in the raining days that all people do not miss that city.
Finally, you remember booking Da Nang hotels and prepare the necessary items to have a interesting trip in the Da Nang raining days!!!!



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