Why you should discover 14 Sapa destinations? part 2

Presently, the virgin and natural beauty is always attractive to all tourists over the world. Sapa city is an ideal destination where make travellers feel pleased by the life, the people and the scenery. Now you and Viet Nam Travel discover the next destinations of Sa Pa!!!!

4. Sapa Stone Church

The Stone Church of Sa Pa

The Stone Church is located in the centre of Sapa city. Actually, the French built it in 1895. As a result, the church bears the stamp of the entirely ancient architecture which the French leave in Viet Nam country. The church is preserved and enhanced to become an indispensable image about Sapa city in fog.

5. Silver Waterfall – Mountain Pass Peak

From Sapa city to the West about 12 kilometers on the street to Lai Chau province, tourists will see Silver Waterfall with more than 200 meters in height falling down O Quy Ho valley. Consequently, that makes sounds of the mountain impressive. However, on the Spring, tourists need to consider visiting Silver Waterfall because it is sort of water in that time. Moving about 3 kilo-meters, you go to Mountain Pass Peak. This area has a good view to Fansipan, then below this peak, there is an original path to Binh Lu market which exchanges the culture of ethnic minorities in Viet Nam.


Silver Waterfall

6. Muong Hoa valley – Sapa ancient rock fields

Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley belongs Hau Thao village which is far from Sapa city to the West about 8 kilo-meters. Accordingly, from Sapa city, you must pass a mountain pass along the high mountain ranges, you will go to Muong Hoa. Specially, the ancient rock field carves many different images. Moreover, it stands between the grasses and the terraced fields. Presently, people do not define the origin and meaning of Sandstone rocks. As a result, this ancient score-area is as a national monument (a unique monument of the ancient Viet).



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