Discover Co To the hottest beach in the summer in 2017

There are many interesting secrets in Co To island for you to discover!!! Come and experience the most virgin island in Viet Nam in 2017 Summer.

In the island, you should rent a motorbike and ask the way to discover the famous destinations like Co To lighthouse, Cau My rock field, Mong Rong rock field, Co To love path, building of Ho Uncle historical value… or swimming and strolling along the seasides of Van Chay, Hong Van. Specially, you can see the dreamy dawn on Hong Van beach. You also ought to take a day to rent a boat, then drop in small Co To island where is virgin, quiet, and very captivating.

However, the virgin beauty will make backpackers satisfied. The trees, flowers, grasses, fields, villages, forests, and seasides along the small paths make Co To island look so perfect. You also take a camping over nights on the side and welcome the dawn in the morning of the new day. With camps on the seasides, you can make a small party with your team through the night. That atmosphere is so funny for activities that you can fell pleased absolutely with your trip. Co To island is really a wonderful paradise which is very worthy to explore in this summer.

BBQ Party – Hong Van beach

Similarly, if you come to the island, you do not miss to try fresh seafood which the fishing villages bring directly from the sea with a cheap price. Particularly, you buy the good seafood when the finishings bring back on the early morning or in the afternoon, then cook at the hotels where you stay in this trip. Also, you get up early and join to draw up a net with the finishing.

1. Rock field of Co To island

Co To island

Rock Field in the centre

2. Hong Van beach
3. Van Chay beach

4. Love path

Love path



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