Look in 4 most worthy destinations a day Halong Bay!

Halong Bay which is located in Tonkin Gulf is a complex consist of more than 1.600 big and small islands. For the reasons that, it creates a bodacious scenary between the sea with the emerging calcareous-rock columns.  Almost the islands are without people and man actions because of its slope feature. Beside the marvellous beauty, Ha Long Bay also owns a special ecosystem. 

 1. Tuan Chau island – Halong Bay

Coming the Tuan Chau island, there is a cool weather of sea, a romantic landscape and the seashores with pure sands. For me, I love the fresh air of sea which is different with the land  . Therefore, it is worthy to be a ideal destination on the trip to travel in Ha Long Bay.

2. Hon Trong Mai or Rooster and Hen (two stone cliff-island)

when the dawn rises up from the far island, Hon Ga Choi is bright in a red collor. Each chicken is 12 meters in height. Speaking about that beauty, there are a small tottery leg, standing to hold its giant body. All stones is like falling if there is a big wave lapping.

3. Pawl cliff

The stone cliff-island is like a pawl waiting a rain in the sea, so it is named as Hon Con Coc.

4. The Titop island

The Titop island has a pure beauty. The sand is usually washed, so it is very fresh to swim. Tourists can also go boats Kayak to admire and explode the beauty of caves and animals into the sea.

Conclusion, if you have a chance to travel in Viet Nam, welcome to Ha Long Bay, one of 7 natural wonder over the world. Besides, there is Thien Cung island, Bai Chay beach, Sun World park, Luon cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Ngoc Vung island, Ba Ham lake, Cong Tay island, Cua Van finishing village, Ba Hang finishing village, Cap De fishing village, and many other islands, caves, restaurant, parks…..



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