Experience Sun World Halong Complex part 2

Continue with “Experience Sun World Halong Complex part 1“, the post will bring  3 other necessary notes for you to explore that leisure centre.

3. Experience Sun World Halong Park

The Sun World Halong Park divided into 2 separate areas. Specially, each area has a different ticket price to join. You can buy tickets directly at the ticket office. There are many ticket offices, so you don’t worry about making a line to buy it.

A. Queen Cable Car and the hidden Hills

– Ticket price:

+ A dult: 300 000 vn dong

+ A child ( 1m – 1m3): 200 000 vn dong

+ A child ( shorter than 1m): Free

– Only buy a ticket, you are comfortable to explore and experience:

+ Queen Cable Car (go and come back) get the Guinness record

+ Sun World Halong Park with 215 meters in heigh comparing the sea level

+ Children playing-area Kidoland

+ Samurai Slide

+ Korea Zen Garden

+Koi fish-lake (under construction)

+ Video Game Arcade Zone area ( buy 3.000 vn dong/coin)

+ Area to show Wax (free to Februany 28th 2017)  (price: adult: 100 000 vn dong, a child: 50 000 vn dong)

B. Dragon Park

– Ticker price: ( apply to March 05 2017)

+ Adult: 299.000 vn dong

+ a child: (from 0.9m to 1.3m) and people more than 65 ages: 255 000 vn dong

+ a child (shorter than 0.9m): Free

– Only buy tickets, you are relaxative to explore the games in the park without limiting the number of times. Now, There a are 16 active games

4. Food in Sun World Halong Park

There are many fastfood-drinkin stalls

If you wan to have lunch and have dinner, you can consult:

– Queen Cable Car and the hidden Hills:

+ Taiyo restaurant – set menu or call follow the menu

+ Sushi Bar

– Dragon Park:

+ Dragon’s Food Temple: buffet

+ Pizza Temple: combo pizza and fastfood

 5. A lot of notes to experience Sun World Halong Park

– Food and drinking is so reasonable and varied, so you shouldn’t bring food and drink.

– The park is very wide, so you should take flat shoes or flip-flops to to easily.

– There is a big parking lot. Therefore, if you go by motorbike, please park your vehicle and take it at that parking lot near the Queen cable car pile, opposite to Hong Hanh number 3 restaurant. Besides, you can also use the tram service to the park gate with price about 5.000 vn dong/ once.

Finally, if you want to have more information, call the following numbers:

+ Queen Cable Car and the hidden Hills: 0989.200.699

+ Dragon Park: 0886.886.600



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