Explore Cham islands a day a_z part 1 (Hoi An city)

The Cham islands (Vietnamese: Cù lao Chàm) are a group of islands of Tan Hiep village, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, near Da Nang airport. The islands is recognised as a reserving biosphere area of the world in 2009. Recently, Cham islands attracts many tourists by the neglected beauty of beaches and stable traveling service. If you have a chance to Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, you do not miss coming to the Cham islands in a day.

The Cham islands consists of 8 islands: Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Kho Me, Hon La, Hon Tai, Hon Ong. In there, Hon Lao is a main island which focuses population. Moreover, it is also a centre of commerce and tourism activities….

About History, 

The Cham islands is a cultural and history monument bearing the stamp of a cultural – Sa Huynh, Cham Pha and Dai Viet. In the ancient history, that area paid a important role in a international marine map along East Sea. Also, it is a stop site for shipping in both Eart and West along the pottery and silk way on the sea.

About Location,

The Cham islands is an area with a ecological variety. Particularly, precious and rare seafood, colourful corals which are reserved in the best environment make Cham islands become an ideal destination about neglected natural beauty.

Its beaches with long and white sand-sides and pure water make people inside the bottom of sea.

Main Cham islands:

All main islands include 7 beaches along from North West to South East:

  1. North beach: many natural caves, a few people
  2. Ong beach: near Village beach, next to the port, many crowed restaurant in the afternoon. It is the most crowed beach, so tours guide traveler to have lunch there.
  3. Village beach: a fish port
  4. Xep beach: not exploited for tourism, so it is few people. However, it is a good place to see corals.
  5. Chong beach: a beautiful beach with fresh-water rooms and filling rooms, long and cool coconut-trees, a nice lake and a bridge spanning it.
  6. Bim beach: free to swim, so fresh water, and stony area to take a photograph.
  7. Huong beach: not good to swim because of many boats. However, it is nice to eat seafood because it is fresh to enjoy.

All beaches are 20 meter in width and 100 – 300 meters in length. Therefore, each beach has a special feature for tourists to choose and travel when coming Cham islands.

North beach

Chong beach


Xep beach


Ong Beach



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