Travel 7 fascinating landscapes of Co To island in 2017

Fascinating landscapes of Co To island have been recently known as a perfect destination for the trips. Above all things, it is attractive to tourists because of the virgin beauty, the tasty and fresh seafood, the peaceful and dreamy atmosphere. Co To is an island of Quang Ninh province, Viet Nam country. It is far about 220 kilo-meters from Ha Noi capital.

 fascinating landscapes of Co To island

Google map of Co To island

How to get to Co To island?

This picture is Co To island in Google Map. By the way, you can have a flight to the airport 1 of Ha Noi capital or the airport 2 of Hai Phong city. Then, you take a couch to the crossroads of Cam Pha where you can go to Van Don port. It is 11 kilo-meters from the crossroads of Cam Pha to Van Don port. From Van Don port, you book a boat ticket to go to Co To island. It takes about 30 minutes to 90 minutes to go by boat to the island. Its ticket price is about 200 vnd per person. For me, I will book a flight to Hai Phong city, because the distance from Hai Phong city to the crossroads of Cam Pha is 104 kilo-meters while the distance from Hanoi capital to the crossroads of Cam pha is 222 kilo-meters. However, if you can, you should rent a translator to guide you through the trip.

Now we all discover the 7 fascinating landscapes of Co To island!

I am sure that you will never waste your trip a bit when setting your feet on the fascinating landscapes of Co To island.

1. Cau My rock field – a paradise of Love

Chau My rock field is a natural masterpiece in Co To island. People said that the rock field is like a tail of a giant mouse turning back to the sea. Similarly, the waves swash all seasons strongly, so you can imagine you to be in the Mediterranean Sea. Yet, it is dangerous to swim in the field, so you had better to admire its beauty.

At the left of Cau My rock field

At the right of Cau My rock field





Another, there are many colourful little stones and the eroded pebbles from ocean-bottom deposits left millions of years ago. Therefore, if you have a passion in the history, it is an important discovery for you.

2. Hong Van beach
Co To island

Hong Van beach

Accordingly, Hong Van beach is the best beach in Co To island to swim because of the smothy sands, the pure water and the quiet waves. Specially, to Hong Van beach, you can organise the outside activities with your team on the sea such as playing volleyball, catching ball in a circle, and join in Co To park just in Hong Van beach.

Moreover, you can go kayak on the beach to a small island of Co To by yourself. Of course, it is very interesting because you may row a boat and feel the cool and pure water.

Besides, if you are fond of the adventure, you should dive for admiring the coral and other sea-animals at Co To park.

3. Van Chay beach

At the right of Van Chay beach

Ancient casuarina-trees along the seashore











Being different with other beaches, there are many strong waves in Van Chay beach. In fact, the Van Chay beach is the most attractive beach in 6 fascinating landscapes of Co To island in 2017.

4. Love path

There are many casuarina-trees in two sides of Love path. Like its name, this way is so dreamy that the couples choose it to talk, stroll and air themselves. Visiting the path, it is easy for you to see the couples holding hands and strolling along the way.

5. Building of Ho Uncle historical value

Uncle Ho is the only great leader who fights against imperialism for for Vietnamese independence from 1945 to 1972. Therefore, you should spend a little time to visit the building of Ho Uncle historical value. Moreover, it is the first building of Uncle historical value when Uncle was living.

6. Thanh Lan port-bridge

From Thanh Lan port-bridge, you can see both Small Co To island and Thanh Lan island.

7. Small Co To island

This island belongs Co To island. It is also a good idea if you like waves, but you must pay 600 000 vnd per a canoe (12 people per canoe) . In my opinion, you should rent a small boat in Hong Van beach, then you row the boat to the Small Co To island by yourself.



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