Foreigners talk about backpackers street ho chi minh

Backpackers street or the street with only the foreigners Saigon are more and more attractive to all international tourists because of yummy food, the crowed with many other languages, and the bustling atmosphere.

How does the foreigners talk about backpackers street?

vietnamese ginger tofu dessert

We talk with Michaela, from South Africa, in vietnamese ginger tofu dessert shop Bui Vien street. The 21 year old girl told me that she just enjoy vietnamese ginger tofu dessert, its price 6 000 vnd, and drink a cup of coffee it costs 20 000 vnd. “Your food is so yummy, so I try most dishes as much as possible”, Michaela said:

The girl from South Africa said that she is in a 3 week trip in Vietnam. She came to Hanoi, Hue, Halong, Hoi An and Nha Trang. Presently, she is renting a hotel at Bui Vien street with its price 14 USD per night. She is really satisfied with the service of hotel, and the price of washing clothes is very cheap, 25 000 vnd per kilo-gram. Also, she share that the hotel prices are generally double compare to the one in her country.

She and her friends book a ticker to Phnom Penh with the price 10 USD for the next itinerary. In the next 3 days, she will visit a province of southwest region with its price 9 USD per day.

She said more:

“I was very happy with all itineraries in Vietnam. Your country is so nice. Specially, I love Saigon much as the dynamic and bustling atmosphere there. The street (backpackers’s area) is extremely interesting. Actually, I am surprised at the price of the trip to southwest region, only 9 USD”

A small shop Saigon

Michaela also said the coconut milk is quite cheap, only 15 000 vnd per a fruit compare to 40 000 vnd in Hoi An. Additionally, she tried a lot of food, but specially Kebab rice noodles “bún chả”. She ate the food both in Hanoi and Backpackers street. 

Another American quickly choose a necessary item in a shop Circle K. He share with Cafebiz that he love the atmosphere in Tay street. Although it is more expensive a bit than District number 4, he often drop this street. As its air is so bustling that people can relax after the hard-working.



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