Discover Franciscaines monastery in Da Lat like Europe

 Franciscaines on Hung Vuong stress of Da Lat city have been uncultivated for centuries. Silty sands covered on glass of the windows while wild grasses are rank around aisles.

a uncultivated monastery in Da Lat

Particularly, the tortous ways beside the high pine mountains and the colours of millions of flowers are not attractive with me when traveling in Da Lat city. It is a illustrious architecture with villas and chapels.

A article guide me to come there by chance. This place is chapels of the Franciscans on Hung Vuong street which are uncultivated in a few centuries in Da Lat travel trip.

Additionally, the alluvial deposits, roof covered with mosses, a serious of gloomy aisles, and the ways with wild grasses make the place so ancient in tourists’s eyes.

Moreover, the chapels are located in a small hill around glossy pines. The old architecture make visitors loss in a Medieval period.

There is a statue of Duc Me next to chapels. This place is uncultivated, but people still let the lively flowers below the statue.

The chapels are located in Tran Phu old secondary school, so people still call the place as a general name, too. The Tran Phu old students about mysterious stories.

When the chapels closed, the place has become dark. Da Lat people talk together about the tragic stories of a young girl with wedding dress who ended her life in the place.

Like a pine hill with 2 tombs, Da Lat is always a dreamy land for sad love-stories. Besides the story, the space still attract the old timers because of a old and unique architecture.

The chapels have the architecture combining between the West and the East. Specially, the system of East roofs is expand from steeples to the main and assistant space.

The wooden piles of the official door express Gothic architecture with the arch roofs of the West.

On the other hand, its official door still keep the virgin architecture. We can see the same architecture in all the chapels.

Up to now, the area belongs Architecture University, but the school do not repair to use, so dust layers still cover on the broken glass windows and the dark aisles with wild grasses….




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  • Ella says:

    I’ve been in Vietnam once and I’m going to be in Vietnam again this summer!! I can’t wait!

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  • oyeouhiqucemi says:

    It’s amazing how much the Vietnamese honk their horns. Even in a place like Dalat! One thing is for sure: they love noise and hate silence.

  • agobacasijo says:

    Vietnam is such an amazing place. I traveled from Hanoi to Saigon by train over a month. Incredible and enlightening experience. You have a great channel and I am going to take the time to check out more of your content. Keep creating.

  • alezexa says:

    I rode a motorbike in Dalat and was looking for the Crazy House but couldn’t find it. However, I met a local man and hung out with him for over an hour.older guy, maybe 60 or so, he had monkeys, and we would look at the monkeys and brink beer and smoke cigarettes. Good times.

  • aoluzabiugi says:

    Hi everyone, I came to Vietnam 2 months ago via guides in this page, and really I am happy to talk about it now. Vietnam is so great and safe, uhms, seafood also good, it so yummy and fresh….In 2 months, I visited Hoi An, Halong bay and saigon street, I love the life in Saigon most, it very ancient and busy..

  • aguticepe says:

    Hello everyone, I am visit in saigon, vietnam and, lucky, I find out this page. I think that it’s quite ok to read and follow!!!!
    I hope that this page will keep your passion in bigger ideas, great job!

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    Greetings from New York.

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