Activities in walking streets of Hoan Kiem lake at night

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  • June 23, 2017
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This lake is famous with hoan kiem lake turtle. Besides, the walking town in Hoan Kiem lake is crowed with the Vietnamese folk activities on the weekends. The Vietnamese people often call the lake as Hoan Kiem lake or Guom lake. Now we discover Hoan Kiem lake at night with Viet Nam Travel!

The folk plays and music activities which are celebrated along the walking towns of Hoan Kiem lake at night attract a number of tourists n the foreign and domestic tourists.  

Firstly, at 7 pm on September 1st, the space around Hoan Kiem lake ( an other name of Guom Lake) is opened to attract many tourists.

Moreover, 16 routs ban motor vehicles in 3 nights of the weekend from September 1st, so people have a wide space to join the cultural activities comfortably.

Particularly, the children like the suitable playing-atmosphere.

Additionally, on the routs, there are many cultural plays. Specially, tourists are interesting art performing a lots.

Specially, the cultural activities and the folk plays are organised professionally with the help of volunteers.

Southern Lion dance

And, southern Lion dance of groups are cheered enthusiastically by foreign tourists.

Each 100 meters has a site to perform arts…..

Hoan Kiem lake

The folk activities on the holiday

The folk activities are very popular with the young. Ms My Hang, a volunteer of a Mai Ha Noi club, told that the folk activities like skipping rope, mandarin square capturing, hide and seek, blind man’s buff, stilt walking, tug of war … will be organised to service the Vietnamese and international tourists through the holiday.

Mandarin square capturing of two little girls

Paper mask

The paper mask has been a familiar toy of children for many year.

Similarly, people can colour the paper masks and paint the masks on flat winnowing basket with the guide of volunteers. For example, the little girl in the picture is Ngan Giang. Accordingly, she is fond of her new flat winnowing basket.

Skipping rope

As a result, the skipping rope is funny to join with your team.

Tug of war

A traditional toy on walking streets of Guom lake

Next, you can see this toy on streets of Guom lake easily. Come and experience the interesting one!

Google map of Guom lake or Hoan Kiem lake

Finally, the space around Guom lake (consists of 10 new streets and 8 available streets) is piloted from 7:00 pm to 12:00 pm in 3 days of the weekend. In fact, it starts from September to Lunar new year 2017.



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