Hoi An ancient town (2 days 1 night) – UNESCO

According to the research, both domestic and foreign tourists like Hoi An ancient town so much. Going to Hoi An, you might view ancient houses protected through hundreds of years. Moreover, you also take delight in the beautiful scenery of  wetland and azure and cool beaches. Then you should experience Hoi An food such as Quang noodle, Vietnamese crispy crepe with stuff inside “bánh xèo”. 

1. Traditional architecture of Hoi An ancient town

A popular style in Hoi An is a single-storey house or a bi-level house with a balcony and woodenness partitions. Particularly, its principal character is long and narrow. Moreover, its form is made with wooden and brack walling to separate the two houses. Almost in the Hoi An house, there is a side walk, parthouse, principal house, subsidiary house, principal house, parthouse, gallery, an inside yard, parthouse, a house with 3 rooms, an inside garden. Mostly there are 2 roofs (a principal roof and a subsidiary houses) which follows together.

2. Society’s premises (Vietnamese: Hội Quán)

Phuc Kien

Society’s premises is a residence for the Chinese when they are living in a foreign country. Nowdays, in this city, there are 5 society’s premises such as: Phuc Kien, Trung Hoa, Trieu Chau, Quynh Chau, Quynh Phu va Quang Chau. They have a quite great size in Tran Phu street near Thu Bon river.In 5 society’s premises in Hoi An, Phuc Kien is the biggest one, located in 46 Tran Phu street.

3. Traditional food

One of its topical food is Cao Lau. It is quite like the noodle in Ise. Besides Cao Lau, Dumpling, Vac cake… It is Xeo cake, Trang cake…., specially Quang noodle. Indeed, not solemn like Co Do Hue or not bustling like Da Nang city, this ancient town is quite natural and pure. The beauty makes anybody impressive with that place.



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