The secrets of nature Hon Trong Mai in Halong Bay

Hon Trong Mai or Rooster and Hen stone cliff-island is a symbol of Vietnam travel. Indeed, every tourist want to visit the place when travel Ha Long Bay. If you have a chance to travel Ha Long Bay – one of seven nature wonder of the world, you should not miss admiring the art work of nature! Now we all explode Hon Trong Mai.

How to get to Ha Long Bay? 

Google map of Ha Long Bay

1. Location

Rooster and Hen island is located in the South West of Ha Long Bay. It is far from the Bai Chay port about 5 kilo-meters, and near Hon Dinh Duong (the Dinh Huong stone cliff-island). Going over Hon Cho Da of the Lu Huong peak, visitors can see the image of Hon Trong Mai. Particularly, they are like 2 giant chickens ( a rooster and a hen) with 10 meter in height which are spreading to kick together on the sea.

2. The form of Hon Trong Mai

Speaking about Hon Trong Mai, people all think about the two stone cliff-island, standing stately on the sea.

From a far distance, Rooster and Hen appears in a tottering standing-form. Speacially, it has a small leg bearing the giant body. Therefore, it seems to fall whenever a strong wave flaps. However, the 2 stone cliff-island still stand haughtily in millions of year. Because of the two legs, it becomes more nonpareil and attractive.

3.  A symbol of Ha Long Bay

As a result, it becomes a symbol on both the logo of Ha Long Bay and the manual-book of Vietnam Travel. To visit Hon Trong Mai, you can rent Ha Long Cruises for your trip. Besides, Rooster and Hen is also an inspiration for many artist exploding arts. Moreover, the artistes who make the handicraft products use the image of Hon Trong Mai to spread Ha Long Bay in specific and Viet Nam travel in general.



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