Visit Japanese bridge a symbol of Hoi An ancient town

Japanese bridge expresses the beauty of an ancient architecture about the Asian tradition. By the sophisticated and detailed carving-art and a sacred place, Japanese bridge has been becoming a symbol of Hoi An ancient town. Consequently, Always, tourists want to discover the ancient architecture when dropping in the beautiful coastal city Da Nang.

1. How to get to Japanese bridge Hoi An ancient town

The Japanese bridge spans a gulch and divided it into 2 streets Tran Phu and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. And, according to some documents, the Japanese built this bridge to move and trade between the street of the Chinese and one of the Japanese easily. Because there is a  hermitage in the bridge, people call it as Chua Cau or Japanese bridge.
This address is on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Cam Pho ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, Vietnam country.

How to get Japanese bridge Hoi An ancient town

2. Specific characteristics Japanese bridge

The Japanese built the the bridge from the end of 16th century to the beginning of 17th century.

The bridge is 18 metres in length with a covered roof which bends up through a gulch flowing into Thu Bon river. The Japanese bridge is considered as partly an unique architecture as a covered roof through all bridge. Partly, its main door has a big bas-relief board with 3 Chinese words Lai Van Kieu carved on it.


Specially, all pagoda and bridge are made by beautiful illuminated wood, and sophisticated and detailed carving-art. Similarly, its face turn in the river-side. Additionally, there are wooden statues standing at two sides of bridges. One side is monkey-statue, and the next one is dog-statue. Monkey-statue expresses building-year, and dog-one shows finished-year. People transmit together that the Japanese adore and take reverent care of the animals for many centuries.


This pagoda do not adore budha-statue. Inside the main room, it is a woonden statue – Bac De Tran Vo – a god protecting the homeland and make people the happiness. Partly, the pagoda is a sacred aspire which people want to have a nice life.

Hoi An ancient town at night


From outside, the bending roof and a stone column foundation set off the Japanese bridge. Its face is like a rainbow Bending up strangely. In the past, the trader buy and sell there. Particularly, the statues in attending shape are carved by wood of jack-tree, and the front of each statue has a joss-stick bowl. The lord Nguyen Phuc Chu who presented the three words ” Lai Vien Kieu: on the red purlin in 1719 hanged at the door. It means the friends coming from the far places


Coming to the Japanese bridge, you will feel the peaceful time in Hoi An ancient town. The ancient and quiet things show the unique architecture. All interest things will bring you the memorable feeling when traveling to Hoi An ancient town.



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