Thien Cung cave and its legend

Thien Cung cave has a nice landscape like a palace in the sky. Its location is in the South West of Ha Long Bay. Specially, the cave is far from the travel port of Dau Go cave about 4 kilometers. Actually, the Dau Go island is 25 meters in heigh comparing with sea level. The way to the cave has the high and dangerous cliffs, the luxuriant trees in both 2 sides. When the tours go through a chink of the narrow door, the cave suddenly open a space. In there, there is a ceiling in in the quadrilateral shape with 130 meters in length. Stepping more than inside, the Stalagmite appears a luxurious and lively beauty. Its wall in the East is like a giant picture. In there, the ancient characters are carved precisely, although it is only a little detail. 

 The legend about the Thien Cung cave

It is the legend about the ancient Dragon: ” After the Dragon King had helped the people to get out enemy, the King came back his cave.In that year, it is droughty, so people have bad crops, and then they entreated help of the Dragon King to make the rains.  Many people have gone but they didn’t come back. Among the people, there is a young couple, whose daughter name is May…..

Thien Cung cave – Ha Long

When Ms May grew up, she made a flutter to the Dragon prince. As a result, the love make them have a happy wedding. It was celebrated in 7 days and 7 nights at the cave centre. To happy wedding, the dragons flew in the cane jangle both at hidden and at present while the elephants danced precariously…..Although Plough and Crux are so old that their hair was silver like the cloud, they still went to the party. That space is extremely jubilant and animated.

In the Thien Cung cave, there are 3 pure ponds. According to the legend, May often bathed her 100 and fed them in that place. A way to its outside is the road which May and her 50 children went out to explore a new area. On the other hands, her husband and 50 other children still stayed there to to build the home. Lastly,that the relic which May leaved is a powerful fairy udder.



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