Luon Cave in Ha Long Bay – 8th Wonder of the world

The Luon Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. If you use the Kayak boats, with the dar on the hands, you are bobbed in the waves. Next, you can go into the middle of the caves and the stone islands with the mossy green colour to explore the interesting things and admire the beauty of the natural space over the world. The caves and the stone islands, almost, last over thousands of years. Tourists can hear the sound of both rowing a boat and admire the Stalagmite with a lot of strange shapes.

1. Location of Luon Cave

It is in the Bo Hon island which is far from Bai Chay city to the South about 14 kilo-meters. The cave is behind of Hon Con Rua (Tortoise stone cliff-island)and in the left of Cong Troi (Sky Gate). There are the upstanding cliffs and pure water like a mirror.

Stalagmite in the Luon cave

2. The captivating beauty of a natural wonder

Firstly, through a beautiful gate, you meet a round and quiet lake, then there are luxuriant trees all 4 seasons. Moreover, the monkeys play on the high and serios and sheer rocks. Rhesus monkey is a natural product attracting almost the travellers in Ha Long Bay.

Rhesus Monkeys

Besides, There are the ancient benjamine figs coasting a shadow and the luscious orchid baskets handing down. Specially, it is the lively life of the sea animals such as shrimps, fishes, crabs, and squids…. under the water surface.

3. An ideal site for exploding and researching luon cave

Going boats Kayak to visit Luon cave

The Luon Cave contains water, almost brackish water, circled by the stone hills with the area about 1.2 square meters. The lake in the cave is look like a stadium with rows of immeasurable high grand stands enclosed around. The clumps of fern-trees, orchid-trees, longlive-trees on the stone wattle letting down are so dreamy. Therefore, you should not miss that place when joining night tours on Halong Cruises.



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