Miss Do My Linh promotes Southern amateur music

Dan ca tai tu Nam bo (Southern Amateur Music) is a genre of chamber music in southern Vietnam created in the late 19th century. It was submitted to UNESCO for recognition as an intangible cultural heritage in December, 2013.

Why don’t you find out Southern Amateur Music!!!!! 

The combination between My Linh and Bao Ngoc expresses the inheritance, and development of cultural values in Vietnam – Southern Amateur Music.

Recently, Miss Vietnam 2016 Do My Linh and “Little Lady” Bao Ngoc show the album to promote Southern Amateur Music Festival

Actually, although My Linh, Miss Vietnam, born in Hanoi capital, is not the father land of Southern Amateur Music, She still spend her love find out the art. When getting an invitiation about this event, she accept at once.

And she shares that she has admired Miss Vietnam Dang Thu Thao when Thu Thao became an Ambassador of Southern Amateur Music firstly in a coastal province Bac Lieu. “At that time, I have never thought that I would become Miss Vietnam, and Ambassador of favourite art”, She said.

With the position of Miss Vietnam, My Linh hopes that she could promote the cultural values to friends over the world.

A young and dynamic girl, she also has a passion in social activities and the events to preserve and develop the culture. Additionally, she has just become a Face representation of Ao Dai Festival 2017.

And about “Little Lady” Bao Ngoc, amateur music is very close to her. Because Bao Ngoc born in Can Tho, she can sing some style of music as Cai Luong (reformed theatre) and Vong Co (Reminiscing the past). Moreover, When she was a little girl, she had been popular with many kinds of art like “Cau ho, dieu ly”…..

Hence, the combination of My Linh and Bao Ngoc means as the inheritance, development for the young who will preserve and maintain the cultural values then promote to the world.



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