Moc Chau flowers blossoming through 4 reasons

The Moc Chau colourful flowers make not only the foreign but also domestic tourists have a passion with the place. 

Moc Chau colours are pink of the peach blossoms once the Spring comes; light purple of  bauhinia variegatas; white of plum blossoms blossoming at the middle of the forest; and white of the small bok toy flowers. Although its colours are different, they all are breathtaking. Are you ready to wander Moc Chau paradise with me to discover its varied colourful beauty?

  1. Moc Chau colourful flowers with the season of peach blossoms

Moc Chau peach blossoms belongs the crop in France. And it often blossoms at the end of the Autumn and at the beginning of the Winter. Travelling in Moc Chau at the beginning of the Winter, tourists will experience the cold of Winter and examine the Frances peach blossoms opening early.


Moc Chau

The Frances peach blossoms have a light colous compare to the jungle one which blows in Lunar New Year in Moc Chau plateau, Viet Nam country. They blossom from 2 to 3 weeks, and then make peach fruits. The peach fruits can be aten in June or in July. A Long Luon village in 6 highway has the most peach blossoms of Moc Chau.


2. Moc Chau with the season of bauhinia variegatas



3. Moc Chau with the season of plum blossoms




4. Moc Chau with the season of bok choy white flowers






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