Moc Chau Plateau with prunus cerasoides updated 2017

Moc Chau is covered by a red like a red sky in a mountainous area of Son La province. Speaking about prunus cerasoides, people think that it only appears in Da Lat city. However, this flowers seem to live near the backpackers of the North now. It is the one of Moc Chau plateau. 

Moc Chau Plateau is the most widest and best plateau of the North mountainous area.

Additionally, this place has a temperate climate, so it is comfortable for the prunus cerasoides.

Moc Chau plateau, which has connected closely with plum-trees, peach-trees, cabbage-trees and buckwheat-trees for a long time, planted the buckwheat-tree 3 years ago. After Lunar New Year 2017, this sassy flowers opened out. 

However the prunus cerasoides is not planted popularly. It can be seen on the street to a Doi village (it is far from Moc Chau town about 20 kilo-meters). Therefore, the tourists who are lucky to see the flowers all have a passion with its beauty.

Additionally, people said that the crops of the prunus cerasoides is brought from Japan. Because of the Vietnamese weather, the flowers have leaves more than the Japanese one, but it keeps its colours.

On the other hand, in the green sky of the warm days, the prunus cerasoide show off its colours sparkling.

Yet, its old is not long-lasting like the jungle peaches. Particularly, it is only a week to blow colourfully. 

In this yeat, the jungle peaches open out later.

The flowers of plum-trees is also a traditional tree of Moc Chau plateau. That the children taking activities on Tet holiday under the white of plum-flowers is a popular image of this place.

The undulating ways like a fillet bring tourists to mountain hamlets and villages where are full of the colours of the spring in Moc Chau Plateau.

This is a picture in the simple life of ethnic group – Thai nation in Viet Nam.

It is a girl with the traditional formal.


This is a topical house with a bricked roof which has a popular architecture.



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