A Mongolian steppe in Dinh cape (updated 2017)

Dinh cape (Vietnamese: Mũi Dinh) (in Ninh Thuan province) is an area with its virgin beauty like a Mongolian steppe where backpacking people are talking together.

Dinh cape – a beauty of nature

Mui Dinh

Recently, travellers are speaking together about the a neglected soil compare to a steppe of Mongolia in Viet Nam. The first reason is immense sands like spreading to the horizon. Additionally, the pure seasides seem to be surrounded by ridged stone mountains.

lighthouse Dinh cape ninh thuan

That sight is really fresh, so it makes every one fall in love with one at the first sight. That sight is Ninh Thuan province.

Mui Dinh is far from Phan Rang city about 30 kilo-meters. Starting in Ho Chi Minh city, you go follow 1A highway to Ca Na intersection, then turn right along the littoral way adding with 20 kilo-meters. It is Dinh cape.

Dinh Cape

In other words, Dinh cape is not a new space, there are many tourists coming here 2 years ago. However, in the present, Dinh cape is paid attention so much. It may be the hottest destination in the Summer 2017.

Scrambling motor cycles Dinh Cape

Discover Dinh cape – A Mongolian steppe in Viet Nam

Dinh cape is both a cape and a name of lighthouse located in Phuoc Dinh village (Thuan Nam distric – NinhThuan province). Because it is solitary and difficult to go to the cape, Dinh cape keeps its virgin character.

Son Hai Mui Dinh

The most attractive point seem to be the spacious sands as a sunny and windy small desert. Through “the sandy desert”, it is a pure beach with the unduly stone mountain around. the place has a tent area with the things of a steppe. Therefore, it is perfect for you to rent tents at night and enjoy a real Nomadic shepherd life.

A tent area Dinh Cape



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