Why not visit Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

When talking about Ho Chi Minh city (also called as Saigon city), people said that it has been a young, dynamic and developing city. In addition, that city expresses the old architectures in French colonial period. And an architectural building bears the stamp of Ho Chi Minh city is Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

This is one of the most ancient landmarks, built in the Neo-Romanesque style. The building materials were imported from France. Moreover, the outside wall of the cathedral was built with bricks from Toulouse. The unique features of the church are the duo of them on each side. Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon is one of the worthy attractions in order that tourists can travel around Vietnam. Hence, Why is it worthy, and why does it become more attractive? Today we are going to explore “inside” the ancient Cathedral!

1. Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon address

How to get Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon is right on Cong Xa Paris street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The Cathedral circled by the city post office, 30-4 Park, commercial center Diamond Plaza. Therefore, you maybe walk to right the cathedral. 

2. Notre Dame Cathedral Entrance Fee

It is completely Free Entry to the Towers of Notre Dame Cathedral

3. Discover the history of Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

Ancient bells with 30 net tons in height

One of the ancient architectural buildings in French colonial period, firstly, that cathedral built in 1877 and had finished in 3 years. Then, it continuously built 2 towers, (each tower with 57,6 metres) in 1895. And, there are 6 big bronze bells with 28, 85 net tons in weight, the biggest bell systems in present. On its top it sticks a cross with 3.5 metres in height, 2 metres in width, and 600 kilo-grams in weight. Specially, it is 60,5 metres from the ground to the cross. In 1968, Catholic priest Giuse Pham Van Thien (managing Saigon Parish at that moment) ordered to carved a marble statue Our Lady of Peace from Italy and put it on the stand of Cathedral. On December, 5th, 1959, Vatican tower permitted oiling and conferred the cathedral on Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon. Then, Its name is officially Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon. 

4. Discover “Inside” Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

The Interiors of chancel have 2 main lines of rectangle collums, and each side has 6 one which symbolise 12 saints (Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew, James “big”, James “small”, Gioan, Jude, Matthias, Matthew, Simon, Philip, and Thomas). Its altar made of the integral marble has the images of 6 angles. There is a park in front of the cathedral, and a marble statue Our Lady of Peace in the centre of the park sculptured by G.Ciocchetti in 1959. It is 4,8 metres in height, 8 net tons in weight. Because of the the goal to see from the far sight, all its body and the face did not oil. On the hand of the statue, it is a terrestrial globe, and it is a cross on the globe. The eyes of Our Lady of Peace see up to the sun as if  the Maria pray Vietnam and the world for the peace. Hence, Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon is not only a catholicism building, but also a travel attraction of Ho Chi Minh city. Everyday, the cathedral is attractive a hundred of domestic and foreign tourists visiting and take images. 

Comparing to other beautiful countries in the word, Vietnam is a small and peaceful one. Yet, the Vietnamese is so friendly and hospitable that they are willing to help tourists in any difficult problems about transportation, road, the language… and even invite the travellers to their home as the special guests. Consequently, And this is a ancient cathedral and just a so go environment here in Saigon city, so you should visit it when you are here.

4. Notre Dame Cathedral events

An event at the Cathedral Saigon

The cathedral is a place to organize the important liturgies of all Vietnam Church, and the main cathedral of Diocese Ho Chi. However, after more than 140 years, the cathedral was downgraded. Hence, Governmental institutions have planed to restored and repaired the cathedral. Regrettably, all visits to Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon will be putted off for 3 years. Surely, if the event take place as expected, the cathedral will welcome tourists to visit in 2020. 



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