PHO CUON – Top 5 delicious food in Hanoi

PHO CUON (spring roll) number 25 Ngu Xa stress (Ha Noi) is an eating shop which you don’t miss when coming to Ha Noi city, Viet Nam country.

Only in more ten years ago, Ngu Xa – a small stress which is near Truc Bach Lake (Ha Noi) was still quiet and deserted. However, if you look in PHO CUON number 25 Ngu Xa villages (Ha Noi), specially in the afternoon and in the evening, all you are also surprised because of its crowed eating and drinking atmosphere.

Speaking to Ngu Xa, all people miss Huong Mai PHO CUON – a famous shop in Ha Noi. That food make the name of the small stress into a list as The Food Stresses You Don’t Miss In Ha Noi City. If you have time to drop in Vietnam, try Hanoi delicious dishes!

1. Huong Mai PHO CUON ( Huong Mai spring roll) 

Pho cuon with a special taste is a unique food in Ha Noi city. Although pho cuon is not appear at the same time with the noodle, it become the favourite food quickly. Its main ingredient consists of meats, Lettuce, Cilantro. For this, they are freshly wrapped by flat rice sheets and then let it in a plate. Additionally, they are combined with a spicy fish sauce in a small bowl and herbs.

The Huong Mai shop is very famous because the food is good. I am sure that you are amazed by this dish. About the hygiene, it is so safe and fresh to enjoy. Moreover, parking lot is also a plus point because there are enough empty space to park if you go by bike, motorbike or car…

+ pho cuon costs 55 000 vnd per dish ( 10 rolls)

 2. Fried Pho with sauce

Beside pho cuon, the fried pho with source also make its reputation popular. It is so reasonable to enjoy compare to others.

+ Fried pho with sauce cost 55 000 vnd per dish

3. Other food

Finally, you don’t miss to try the fried corn or the dry roasted clams with crispy shallots out. It price all is acceptable. I am sure that with this menu you are full and satisfied with the service in this restaurant.

+ fried corn/ dry roasted clams costs 35 000 vnd per dish

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