Travel Phu Quoc island 4 days (update 2017)

Now, Viet Nam travel will share with you some simple itineraries in order that you can go all the destinations in Phu Quoc island in the shortest time. 

The newest itinerary to travel in Phu Quoc island:

The first day
– You go to Phu Quoc airport, take a taxi to a hotel. (As usually, if the hotel in days is absent of tourists, staffs checkin for you early, but if not, you still lay your luggage on the reception, and then go out).
– Firstly, you can go to An Thoi town, in there, there are some islands such as Mong Tay, May Rut. Then you can rent a boat to go the the island and loot at corals.
– Then you can turn back to the hotel to get a room to relax in the evening.
– You can eat BBW fried seafood ant a a beach.

The second day

Truc Lam Temple of Phu Quoc island (Vietnamese: Chùa Hộ Quốc)

–  In the morning, you get up and have lunch, then at 8 am, you take a car to Truc Lam Temple of Phu Quoc island, then swim in Bai Sao (its water is shallow, so your baby can swim comfortably), next you can eat in a restaurant and also relax there.

Bai Sao (Vietnamese: Bãi Sao)

– At the beginning of afternoon (or any-when you can), you can go to Phu Quoc prison (note: you should let your baby outside).


Phu Quoc Prison


– You com back Duong Dong town to go to Dinh Cau peninsula. You can see the sunset a bit there, then return the hotel.
– In the night, you can stroll in the night market and either eat there or have a BBQ fried one.

The third day
– You can go to the North of island, then drop in some places, for example: farms of Phu Quoc Ridgeback, Sim wine factories, a tomb of Le Kim Dinh, Nguyen Trung Truc temple, Ganh Dau (a place which you can see Kampuchea). Also, you can relax and have lunch there.
– In the afternoon, you can go to Tranh sing, Ham Ninh fish village. Then you should stay there at nightfall and eat seafood in a restaurant.
– In the evening, you can relax in the town.

The fourth day

Vin-pearl Villa

– I you have a lot of time, you can go Vin-pearl and Vin Safari all a day.

Vin Safari

– Finally, you can only go Safari and then go back to the hotel in the afternoon.



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  • Samuel says:

    Good job! I went to Phu Quoc prison 2 year ago! Actually, the Vietnamese in that prison are heroes. I never miss that place!!!! Viet Nam’s always a mystery for tourist to discover! Also, I quite like travel in Vietnam.

    • Viet nam travel says:

      Thank you so much for spending time with me, Samuel I hope that you will give “Viet Nam travel” page more comments to enhance the quality of posts. All your useful comments or your nice sharing will be summed up and added to the post. Therefore, your contributions help all tourists who have a passion in discovering Viet Nam country to have the real reviews before starting their trips. Actually, If you have any question about the trips in Viet Nam, don’t heritage to contract me!!!

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