8 reasons to attract foreign tourists to Vietnam travel

Although there are many differences in the culture and the mode of life, but Vietnam travel attracts to world-wide travellers as the landscapes, fresh food, friendly people, and interesting stories about the Vietnamese tradition in the wars opposing aggression. Hence, we all find out 8 reasons why the Vietnam travel attract to foreign tourists with Vietnam travel!

1. A safe travel place

Foreign tourists in Hoi An

When setting up a voyage, or a trip, firstly, tourists should choose a safe travel place. Therefore, “best travel” of Vietnam in tourists’s eyes is a safety, although you are alone. A page of Business Insider appreciates Viet Nam as a safe and friendly travel place in Asia. Magazine the Economist (in England) also rates Ho Chi Minh as one of 50 most safest cites to travel in 2015. It is not the first time that Vietnam is glorified on world-wide websites or magazines.  Last year, Business Insider also arranges Vietnam at number 45 about the safety and number 2 about the happiness. A page DeMorgen (Belgium) also sing the praise of the S-shaped country, especially, it is suit for female tourists.

2. Landscape of Vietnam travel

Spreading from the north to the South, Vietnam owns many landscapes making tourists amazed. In the list having the attractive destinations, Vietnam is honoured to be attended. This is Hanoi – the capital for peace, Halong – one of UNESCO world heritage, the most biggest natural cave all over the world – Son Doong, or terraced fields in North West of Vietnam spreading and expressing the glamorous beauty, or best beaches spreading through the S-shaped country and a lot of other landscapes and historic monuments.

3. Ancient history

Temple of Literature, Hanoi

Vietnam has an ancient history spreading over 4.000 years. It is clear in the folk literature period like the legends, festivals of each area, food or the architectures of French colonial period, temples, tombs, and historical monuments.  Nowadays, Tourists go to Vietnam, partly to relax and visit, partly explore all history of the Vietnamese heroes.

4. Food

World-wide tourists much attract to the Vietnam food. Certainly, they appreciate it deliciously. In the world map, Vietnam contributes a lot of food like noodle, bread, kebab rice noodles, spring roll…. Besides, street food, shops on sidewalk with many yummy dishes are one of reasons for foreign tourists to travel and discover the life of the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese food is so pure and noble, not too greasy, not hot like Thailand food, or not flowery like European food, and not have much lubricant like Chinese food…. Tourists can eat noodle all day, without being satiated. Besides dishes of beef noodle, it is also famous for spring roll, chicken noodle …..

5. Coffee

Coffee is not original of Vietnam, but it helps Vietnam known as the famous coffee – egg coffee. The Vietnamese who are conversant with coffee, they often drink filter coffee combining with a little milk. Certainly, they rarely drink instant coffee which produced on a large scale. Many magazine commends gg-cofffee as the unique taste and its good nutrition.

6. Fresh food

Floating Market Cai Rang

One of the special thing in Vietnam attracting curious travellers is good boats selling fresh fruits, unlike the supper markets full of frozen cargos. Around the market areas in Vietnam, world-wide travellers can see the living fishes swimming into a basin of water or shrimps jump up and down, or just killed meat of pigs … The fresh and abundant vegetable of tropical region are loaded at the shops in the market. It makes tourists amazed.

7. Friendly locals 

Almost foreign tourists feel friendly, enthusiastic, and thoughtful when coming to Vietnam. According to some customers sharing,  the Vietnamese are willing to guide the shortest road lines to go the travel place, or help them to take a bus, take a couch or take a taxi, although it is quite difficult to understand together…. Surely, any tourists want to come back Vietnam to travel and discover the small and beautiful land.

8. Cheap travel 

Vietnam travel is no expensive like Tokyo, Japan, but it is still interesting in discovering the new places. Many international magazine arrange Vietnam in the list as the cheap and best destination. Even, a pape Happy Lifestyle Journal give an example that, with a mount of money for renting a hotel in New York city, tourists can enjoy the luxury service with good quality at the 5 star hotels or the Villas in Vietnam. And the cities as Hanoi capital, Ho Chi Minh city also have many hotels, popular homestay if you are backpackers.



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