Review of reporter Brunei about his trip to Cu Chi tunnels

Thursday, August, 24th 2017 06:12 PM (GMT+7)

In fact, if you are bored with beautiful beaches, busy streets or the long trips, now it is time for you to discover the new areas. Cu Chi tunnels of Vietnam, Catacombs of Paris, and the Churchill War Rooms of London belong the list as the amazing and attractive underground destinations by Daily mail. Similarly, according to The Brunei Times, a tourists, a reporter, Brunei, shares his trip about a famous place in Viet Nam and over the world. And, the famous one is Cu Chi tunnels. However, How is Cu Chi tunnels amazing and attractive? Now we all explore it with a reporter Brunei!

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Reporter Brunei shares:

“For me, the trip to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam is one of most memorable itineraries. Actually, the historical event changed both the life of the Vietnamese, and now it changes almost my thought. Surely, only with 20 USD, traveling to Cu Chi tunnels will give you many interesting things”.

Where is Cu Chi tunnels?

Cu Chi tunnels in suburbs of Ho Chi Minh city is an underground village Phu My hung. It belongs Cu Chi town, far from Ho Chi Minh city to the north west about 70 kilo-metres. The Vietnamese soldiers built the tunnels from 1946 to 1948 in the anti-French colonialist war of resistance.

How is Cu Chi tunnels amazing and attractive?

Firstly, a tour guide introduce a documentary film about the war. And how to make weapons of defence from the smallest items. Incidentally, the story guide us to the time which Vietnam country was divided into 2 areas. They are South area and North area with 2 political systems.  

Next, the heros in the story are soldiers “Viet Cong”. They built an immense network to avoid pursuing of American and Nguy empire. Of course, the Vietnamese soliders fought in defence of one’s fatherland to unify the country and merged two areas the South and the North of Vietnam. In my opinion, the immense network plays an important role in making the victory.

Nevertheless, underground tunnels are the most memorable thing. Certainly, we can discover all tunnels and each “room”. The “rooms” have enough places as hospital room, meeting-place, kitchen, weapon-warehouse, and other private rooms.

Luckily, because of a small Asian body, I can worn into every narrow and out-of-the-ways, experience “smell” of the dark and the hot temperature which makes you break out in a sweat.



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  • John says:

    Great page, keep moving!

  • Marry says:

    Guys the is soldiers went down there to blow up the tunnels, map them, and flush out the enemy, they would have to have serious balls to go down there, and no they didn’t have full combat gear, they carried a flashlight, pistol, and a knife. And a few other things, I respect those guys so much

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