Reviews of Annabella: Hue weather on summer 2018

When traveling to Vietnam, an Asian country, you can’t pass ancient Hue, an old and historical city. Well, one destination, five world heritages patrimonies culture , but Are you planning your next travel adventure to this interesting and famous destination? Although Festival Hue 2018 have just ended sine May, 2nd 2018, still there are large number of foreign tourist from all over the world visiting and experience the ancient place. They, almost, come from many other countries as in Canada, France, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Netherlands,Russia, India, China, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Philippines, Peru, Brunei, Malaysia … and so on. However, .. It is Hue weather and What do you know about it?

The Hue beautiful women in Ao Dai

“Hello everyone, I’m Annabella. I have just had an impressible trip to ancient Hue. Many friends recommended that I should rewrite some reviews about it. So now, I’ll share some necessary notes:….”

Terrible sunshine of the Hue weather

I am surely that ancient Hue is familar with a lot of international tourists. However, some people can’t discover all the beauty of this traditional city, so Why is that? The answer is that that people are overwhelmed of the sight sun in Hue. Ancient Hue weather is quite hot in the summer comparing to different city in the North of Vietnam – Hanoi. But it is similar to the South weather in Vietnam – Saigon. Almost, the locals in Hue advised that tourists should wear an umbrella when joining a long itinerary all day. The umbrella will help you to have a day full of energy .


Hue walking street is quite amazing at night. You can find out this place on Chu Va An – Pham Ngu Lao  – Vo Thi Sau street. This streets are considered as a site to exchange the culture among other countries, enjoy Hue traditional and street food, appreciate interesting music ….. However, there are lots of mosquitos at night when you go out. The suggestion is that you should bring a bottle of Cajeput oil to prevent mosquitos. I have tried to use it and as a result, it is so ok.

Hue famous beach

The distance from Hue walking street to Lang Co beach

If you are planing your next travel adventure to Hue in this summer, note this beach. The Lang Co beach is not a bad choice for your trip. Seafood is so cheap and delicious. Additionally, the seaside is very fresh and safe to swim. I believe that your team or your family will have a memorable holiday.

Finally, don’t forget to try to do sightseeing by pedicab in Hue. Its cost is only about 350 000 vnd to go around all Hue streets, certainly, round-trip prices.



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