Why don’t you stay Capsule Hotel Saigon 8 USD per night

Capsule Hotel is popular for tourists all over the world. Certainly, you can also own the rooms in Vietnam. If you travel to the Western areas like Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, drop in Capsule Hotel Saigon. Only with 8 USD pere night, you can rent a room in Capsule hotel.

A number of tourists booking rooms in Capsule Hotel Saigon change according to the season, almost in Asia and in Europe. Nowadays, the room capacity is 70% per day.

Located in Bui Vien street, District number 1, Hong Kong Kaiteki is the first Capsule Hotel in Vietnam. With an area about 60 square metres, and 6 floors, there are 60 rooms in the hotel. A room with 2,5 square metres, it is enough for a person.

Ms Trang – a manager of a hotel said that, at that time, the costumers from Asia are crowder than others, with the room capacity about 70%. A number of Viet finding Capsule Hotel Saigon are quite crowded, including to the Central coastal provinces, and both the north. And, they often book rooms early as may be short of rooms. It costs 8 USD per night ( 175 000 vnd)

Although the atmosphere of the bed room is quite small, tourists still own a bed, an air conditioner, a hair dryer, mini bar, a television, a headphone, a table to hold your laptop. Specially, you can connect free to Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). Moreover, tourist can put your items and baggages in cupboard with a private password.

The Capsule Hotel will have two area for women and men, so you do not worry about any thing. Additionally, there are less women rooms than men rooms. Similarly, each side consists of a bed room and a toilet.

Consequently, with about 8 USD, you completely stay in a room of the hotels in Saigon, but if you want to experience the new atmosphere, try to do it! I am sure that it is so interesting!

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