Discover street cultures of Ho Chi Minh city

You only need a day to live in Ho Chi Minh city with the following activities, you will have the interesting experience about the city which is known as Sai Gon city.

Eating a rice noodle soup, drinking a cup of coffee at the sidewalk, talking together about the weather and walking around the book store to find a DVD … All activities are popular with the people in Ho Chi Minh city.
In the morning in Ho Chi Minh city

You should get up early from 6:00 to 7:00 am. Because it is an idea time to breath in and out the the fresh air in Saigon. Moreover, the street is still not crowded yet, so the smoke do not appear. After taking exercises, you can find out the food for the breakfast along the street in Saigon. Stuffed pancake, rice noodle soup, sticky ribs with fried rice, noodle soup with eye round steak … or something else you can find out in Ho Chi Minh city.

Food price in Ho Chi Minh city is also quite sort, between from 20 000 vnd to 35 000 vnd. Additionally, the attitude of service staffes is so open-hearted and friendly, sometime, they chat with customers about daily stories. That makes one who come to Saigon firstly a little joy.

experience Saigon by drinking a cup of coffee on the sidewalk Saigon

After having breakfast, you look in a coffee shop at sidewalk and order a cup of ice or milk coffee. In Saigon, there are many coffe shops on the sidewalk only with a desk, but it is very attractive to tourists. They make coffee with a special bitterness there. If you pay attention, men in Saigon love sitting at the sidewalk and drinking it with their friends on off-days. They sit there and chat together, or simply read newspapers and watch the traffic. Specially, its price is about 10 000 vnd to 13 000 vnd per cup, and certainly, it is so cheap to buy a special atmosphere.

Almost, people choose to sit at the coffee shop, they will spend all morning there. Yet, you can turn into other activities like going to the famous book stories to find some goo-selling books or selected DVD to experience Saigon …

At lunch: 

You can reward yourself a plentiful lunch with  Com Nieu Saigon, located in Tu Xuong street, District number 3. Partly you can have an atmosphere of family around rice tray, you also watch how to broke cooked rice. The waitress will throw up the rice and beat it, then take the broken rice to throw into another waitress. As a result, the last waitress will catch and put it on your table.

Com Nieu Saigon

In the afternoon:

The cool air of the afternoon is a advantage condition for walking around the busy streets at the centre of Ho Chi Minh city. If you are a woman, you had better put your high heels at home and wear a couple of sandal to move easily. Firstly, you need park your vehicle and stroll along the big streets like Ham Nghi street, Le Loi street, Le Thanh Ton street to experience Saigon…. You will see memorial stores to look in. You also go around Bitexco, the highest and most impressive building there. In my opinion, walking is not boring, and it help you to watch something slower.

Remember to bring a bottom of water or milk tea in order that you can both watch the landscapes and enjoy it. If you are tired in walking, turn into taking Cyclo. The feeling with cyclo is really interesting. However, you should ask the price before get on it. In my opinion, if it is more expensive a bit, I am also satisfied. However, it is too max, it is not acceptable.

And, if you a fan of shopping, drop in Saigon Square or Take Plaza which are located in the street Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District number 1. The place is a busy shopping area. Only with skills to make a bargain, surely, you will have nice clothes with a reasonable price.

At night

 The Saigon people often have a passion in going out and trying some strange food. The popupar destination for the young may be Backpacker’s area, Bui Vien street. They love the busy air, the music and bottoms of beers. Differently, you sit on a set cushion, call something to drink and talk both foreigners and the Vietnamese. Besides, there are a lot of special food…. To experience Ho Chi Minh city, you should come there after 8:00 pm. Another important note is that it is very crowded at the weekends.

at night Bui Vien street



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