3 Things you need to know before traveling Co To island

If you are fond of the virgin beauty of Vietnam islands, Co To island is the idealist destination on the holiday in 2017. Unlike the other beaches, almost, this island still keeps all the beauty of nature. The trip to Co To island not only makes you have a fresh feeling but also gives you many perfect experience about a new area. 

Co To island is one of best beaches of Viet Nam. The beauty is the combination of forest, mountain, beach, people in a small island

1. People of Co To island

With the kindness and the hospitable love, people in the village will make you surprised. According to many travellers, the finishings are very funny, kind-hearted and truthful, although they are so hard to work. They love their work, their life, and all tourists who take a long time to come to the island. Similarly, you are welcome as their best friends. I sure that after experiencing this area, you not only love it, but also love the kind finishing. If you have a chance to go to the place, try to stay at home-stay once to both live and know the culture in their daily life – the finishings. 

2. Co To accommodation

There are many choices for tourist to stay nights on the island such as the Co To hotel, a home-stay; or a camp near seasides with a cheap price. If you go with your team, you can rent camps to take a small party and make camp-fire just on the seaside. It is a animated activity which the young are interested when going to the beach. Besides, you can rent some rooms in the hotels or home-stay. By the way, it is cheaper then camps near the beach. However, you should take your trip in the beginning of a week to have many hotels in the centre of the Co To town which have the beach-views. In my opinion, if you brings many worthy property, you should rent a hotel at the centre near port bridge, then you can leave your things there and go anywhere you want comfortably.

3. Co To transportation

When experiencing in Co To island, the motorbike is a good choice for you to move. Accordingly, you will rent a motorbike, then you can go anywhere in the island. with a motorbike, The price is 200 000 vnd per day. Therefore, if you go far, you must fill up with petrol (it is 25 000 vnd per a litre of fuel).

Co To island

Rock Field in Co To island



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