Thuan Phuoc Field – an Europe in Da Nang, checkin!

At the centre of Da Nang city, there is a pulchritudinous European space – Thuan Phuoc Field. When you travel in Da Nang, don’t miss this address! Now Admire most beautiful pictures of Thuan Phuoc along with Viet Nam Travel

If you always hope that you could stroll on the fields with windmills, small houses, white fences, dry grasses which are only in European, now in Da Nang, you can do so!

Landscape Europea

Only a word: Pulchritudinous! Although the images of Thuan Phuoc Field is only upgraded in a day, people share it constantly because it is so nice and impressive.

With a dreamy natural scenery and pure architecture, Thuan Phuoc Field is an ideal picnic area for the young and families on the weekend.


It also has many good views for the couples to photograph the wedding and video MV.
 Pulchritudinous European space, specially in Netherlands with the windmills, small houses, white fences, wide grasses or ancient cars….. all make a Thuan Phuoc Field.

Address of Thuan Phuoc Field – Pulchritudinous European space in Da Nang


White fences

The Field is located under the pile of Thuan Phuoc bridge. It is not far from the centre of the city. With a large wide space and a creative arrange, its scenery make the young pick up the backpack and go!

You go over Thuan Phuoc bridge, and then look at the Field – a Pulchritudinous European space in Da Nang.

European views for wedding and video MV

Ticket Price to entrance:

A person: 200.000 vnd in an hour

A wedding group: 2000 000 vnd per 5 people in 2 hours

Let’s check in the new place in Da Nang city! It is hot for the young to view the scenery, take a photograph, checkin…….

To save money, please book the hotel before coming there. There are many hotels near My Khe beach on sale 20% now, don’t miss the chance!!!!!

A nice sight for wedding



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