Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations in 2017 part 3

Viet Nam has been still known as a travelling country because of attractive destinations. If anyone dropped in this country, surely they impressed with yummy food, unique architectures, hospitable people and captivating landscapes. Now we travel to 4 other one in Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations in 2017!

7. Mui Ne sand dunes – Vietnamese attractive destinations

Above all, Mui Ne is a famous tourism centre in south central region. Actually, far from the centre of Phan Thien city in Binh Thuan province to the north east about 22 kilo-meters, the place consists of a rang of the virgin green beaches; the small sandy hills like deserts and the finishing villages.

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Mui Ne sand dunes

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

A rang of the virgin green beaches Mui Ne

Also, there are many historial and cultural monuments like Cham tower, Water tower, Ong pagoda, Ms Thien Hau pagoda, Van Thuy Tu Temple… and other monuments full of great worth about culture, history and tourism…

8. Mekong River Delta – Vietnamese attractive destinations

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Ecotourism at Me Kong

Mekong River Delta is also known as the Western region with the area about 40. 548,2 square kilo-metres.  Because there are many long seashore and many islands, groups of islands, canals, branches of a river… , the ground is suitable for types of ecotourism, experience and discovery.

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Enjoy the fruits on the floating market

Going to Mekong River Delta, you can visit the fruit gardens; boating on 9 branches of Mekong river flowing down to the sea; listen to nam bo amateur music viet nam, enjoy food speciality. Besides, the tourists can not pass mekong river delta floating markets, a specific characteristics of the Western region.

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Mekong river delta floating market

9. Cu Chi tunnels – Vietnamese attractive destinations

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Commemorative photograph cu chi tunnels vietnam

Firstly, Cu Chi tunnels is a defence under the ground in Cu Chi district. As a result, it is refer to as “the ground of steel”. Another, The tunnels is far from Ho Chi Minh city to west-north. The defence was built in Indochina Wars and Vietnamese War by National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

One of entrances of tunnels

The defence is an ancient building under ground with many floors and alleys like a cobweb. With more than 200 kilo-metres in length, it was a place where people in the war lived, gathered and fought. There are three different floors. The first floor is far from the land about 3 metres, then the second floor is about 6 metres. Lastly, the floor is deep with more than 12 metres. Now, Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc are recognised as national history monument.

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Explore the obscure in the Defence of Cu chi tunnels vietnam

10. Nha Trang.

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Coastal city of Nha Trang

Nha Trang is both a coastal city and a cultural, economic, tourism, political centre of Khanh Hoa province. Similarly, it belongs coastal province in south central region. Specially, this land is famous for Edible Bird’s Nest nha trang. Edible Bird’s Nest is a delicacy serviced of the feudal lords 400 years ago. Of course, the bird’s nest is good for your health.

Top 10 Vietnamese attractive destinations

Pearl of the Orient

“Pearl of the Orient” Nha Trang owns fresh natural atmosphere, ranges of long white sands, ecological systems like corals, Cham ancient Temples and quiet museums in the middle of the city.



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    great page!
    I have two months travel to vietnam, the beautiful country.

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    Great page!
    2min in “it wasn’t discovered that the mekong begins in tibet until 6 years ago” which would be 2007…. i knew this in like 1992… look at the map i swear it shows this even on maps before 2007.
    and on a side note it was there and discovered long before any frenchman went in there…

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    It would be great if you can put prices on food and/or transportations…Just a suggestion…:) Thank you again for your sharing

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    Cu Chi tunnels is very amazing! I hope that I could set my feet there again

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