Illustrious caves Halong Bay – Top 8 World Heritage

Both the change of the green-black stone-islands on the bluish-green water-surface and the batwing boats in Viet Nam attract tourists. Traveler can start their trip to go sightseeing from the Ha Long port. Then you continue coming up the islands to explode the caves full of many history monuments. According to the French geologic exploders, who research Halong Bay in the begining of twenty century, told that the illustrious caves in Halong Bay are tectonic in the Pleistocene century. It lasts from 2 millions to 11 thousands years in the past time. The caves belong 3 groups: the ancient underground cave, the karst cave, the sea frog-jaw. 

1. The Sung Sot cave – one of the most beautiful caves over the world

Sung Sot cave

A way to Sung Sot cave is meandering under the mountain foliages, with the high and dangerous stone-steps. The cave has 2 main drawers. The first drawer is like a wide theatre on the ceiling covered with stalactites, stone statues, rock elephants, seals, flowers, leaves… All things seem to open a world of fair stories.

The second drawer is separate with the first one through a narrow aisle. That drawer is wide, so it can hold thousands of people. There are images binded to Thanh Giong (the Saint Giong) legend. Next to the exist way, there is a stone lịke a horse, a long sword, and the small ponds like the horse steps of the Saint Giong. For the reasons, the Sung Sot cave is one of the most illustrious caves in Halong Bay and over the world.

2. The Thien Cung grotto – Illustrious caves

The legend about Thien Cung cave

The Thien Cung cave is at a half-way place of the Canh Doc island, with 25 meters in height comparing with the sea level. Indeed, thien Cung is also one of the most beautiful Caves in Halong Bay. Tourist just steps into the Thien Cung cave, then a quadrangle space with 130 meters in lengths opens the stalagmites like the lovely temples.

Stalagmite of Thien Cung Cave

The small and narrow door of that cave is hidden into mountains. However, the tourists go deeper and deeper into the cave,  it is bigger and wider. Therefore, the site make any travellers sudden.

3. Dau Go cave

The Dau Go cave is divided into the 3 drawers. The outside drawer has a domed zenith light with a ceiling like a giant natural picture having elephants, lions, stags. Additionally, that animals have the lively positions. In 1917, when Khai Dinh King visited that place, he carved a stele to sing the praise of the beauty of Ha Long Bay in general and the Dau Go cave in specific. Nowdays, the stele is still on the right of the cave entrance, but without the words.

The legend of Dau Go cave

4. The other caves

Beside the caves, there are many rapturous caves such as Bồ Nâu cave, Hanh cave,  Trinh Nữ cave, Trống cave (Con Trai cave), Tiên Long cave, Luồn cave, Tiên Ông cave, Tam Cung cave, Lâu Đài cave, Ba Hầm cave…

Luon Cave

Firstly, the Bo Nau cave has the segmental arch curve entrance with the lissom stalactites let down on like the willow branch.

Secondly, the Hanh cave is far about 9 kilometers from the West. That cave is the most beautiful and longest cave in Ha Long Bay with 1300 meter in length.

Moreover, the Trinh Nu cave has the stone like a girl standing and let hair down to the sea. Opposite to Trinh Nữ cave, it is Trong cave with a boy-petrifying symbol.



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