Top delicious food in Hoi An you should try part 1

Not only famous for the culture heritages, Hoi An is but also known for its unique and delicious food or best street food hoi an. Therefore, tourists always try to eat the dishes when traveling to Hoi An. Now we find out the special things of top delicious food in Hoi An!

1. Cao Lau hoi an – Top delicious food

Cao Lau

This name becomes fond of Hoi An from hundreds of years. Anyone visits the place, dropping in the eating shop to enjoy Cao Lau. However, it is popular in almost luxury and simple restaurants.

A bowl of Cao Lau is made with noodles, pork, and local greens.

Some best restaurants in hoi an old town to try:

2. Quang noodles hoi an – Top delicious food

Quang noodles hoi an

Different with Cao Lau, Quang noodles is a folk food that you can eat right at the popular shops. Specially, you can enjoy Quang noodles through all day. In the morning, it is the normal food of the people in Hoi An city. Then, in the afternoon and in the everning, Quang noodles is only fast-food.

The Bowls of Quang noodles with raw materials from Quang Nam; stick-water from the chicken; a number of roasted pork, fat shrimps, and a little of sweet-feeling cashew-nuts. Above all, in the evening, please troll along Hoai riverside and drop in a folk shop to enjoy a bowl of Quang noodles. Therefore, you can have a good health to walk and visit Hoi An ancient town at night.

Some best restaurants in hoi an old town to try: at the hoi an market and along Hoai riverside.

3. Best chicken cooked-rice hoi an

Best chicken cooked-rice hoi an

The cooked rice cooked from rice with sweet water boiled from chickens makes tourist satisfied completely. The chicken cooked-rice has been famous for the pieces of little teared chicken-meat, onion, flagrant knotweed and spice. Particularly, the pieces of little teared chicken-meat are a bit spicy, but they are still fragrant and yummy. Besides, it also combines with more other component according to specific characteristics of cookers.

Teared chicken cooked-rice

Some best restaurants in hoi an old town to try:



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