Travel the attractive destinations in Da Nang part 2

Da Nang Part 2 continues to bring to you the dreamy traveling destinations in Da Nang beside Captivating Travel Destinations In Da Nang Part 1.

1. My Son Sanctuary – Da Nang Part 2

My Son Sanctuary

Firstly, the beauty about its architecture is thought to be extremely rapturous. According to the research result, the first temple was built with woods in the fourth century. Then people re-builded it with bricks with a unique technique. Now that technique is still an unknown.

Driving to My Son Sanctuary, you maybe see the decorated details such as flowers, leaves, elephants, lions, Kala-Makara, professional executant, Buddhism – the main responsible person for sea monster, Apsara dancer statue…. It is great! Overall, the journey with My Son will give visitors the real experiences about architecture, religion, history….

2. Ba Na Hills

 Ba Na is one of traveling sites which tourists want to put their feet at least one time. To illustrate, there are 4 seasons in a day: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Therefore, you can experience 4 kinds of the weather in a day. It is perfect for tourists who like that. Besides, you should not miss in your holiday with the overall architectures showing the captivating and rapturous French style.

3. Giant Dragon Bridge breathes fire and water

The bridge was opened for public use in March 2013. It is the most unique-designing bridge in Vietnam with 6 lanes for 2 separate directions. Its head is designed to describe the dragon head of Ly King period and the tail with the Lotus symbol.

Giant Dragon Bridge breathes the fire

Specially, Giant Dragon only breathes the fire and the water on Saturday and on Sunday. Namely, Dragon breathes the fire 18 times, and the water 3 times at 9:00 o’clock pm. Regarding this, transports are banned to over the bridge at 8:50 o’clock pm. Hence, you should go earlier about 20 minutes to have a good view.



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