Travel the attractive destinations in Da Nang part 3

Da Nang Part 3 continues to bring to you dreamy travel destinations in Da Nang beside Captivating Travel Destinations In Da Nang Part 2

1. Love Bridge and the ‘Carp Turns into a Dragon’ statue – Da Nang Part 3

Love Bridge and ‘Carp Turns into a Dragon’ statue

Both Love Bridge and “Carp Turns into a Dragon” are new symbols of Da Nang city. Going to Love Bride, you are able to buy keys, or pre-prepare to stick it on port bridge, take a photo with “Carp Turns into a Dragon”. If you visit that place on the weekend, you also can stand there to see Giant Dragon breathes fires from dragon bridge. Taking the air on the river side and relaxing with favourite scream is extremely dreamy

Love Bridge in Da Nang city

2. Mountains of Ngu Hanh Son

Admiring the beauty of 5 peaks: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, Tho Son is really wonderful. It is far about about 8 kilo-meters from Da Nang city to the South of Ngu Hanh Son. With among a fanciful space, caves, and sounds of pagoda, sounds of waves, you never want to leave the place…..… Mountains of Ngu Hanh Son is a spot without forgetting for any tourists once traveling to Da Nang city.

A peak of Ngu Hanh Son

3. Hai Van Pass

At the middle of Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is a nonpareil landscape located in boundary between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang province. The Pass spreads wavily along seaside with summit of bends, then going over difficult ways, you will come to Pass peak.Lastly, you can examine all Da Nang city slowly. Specially, Cu Lao Cham is also not far away from Hai Van.

Moreover, on the mountain peak, you maybe stop your steps to admire Nam Quan Pass and history stories coming along with that place. In Hai Van, you also look through Hue city, so Lang Co white lands will appear in your eyes. Indeed, nowadays, many tourists go bicycles over all Pass ways to explore and see the beauty around Hai Van.

A sunny day of Hai Van Pass



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