Travel Nha Trang beach 5 virgin places for New Year

If you are bored with the crowded beaches, 5 virgin places in Nha Trang beach are best destinations for you. Nha Trang beach at the end of the year shows another beauty that anyone goes into ecstasy. There are many destinations for you to choose such as Yen Island, Whale Island or the virgin island Diep Son for New Year 2018 (January 1st). Now we all discover 5 virgin places to Travel to Nha Trang beach with Viet Nam Travel

Yen Island Nha Trang

Hon Noi – Yen island

Hon Noi located in the bay Nha Trang, far from the post Rock Bridge about 25 kilo-metres, is a place to feed swiftlets. The land is famous with a couple of unique beaches. You need to plan your trip clearly before starting an itinerary detailedly. Moreover, you should have a little breakfast, have lunch at a restaurant in the island, and go a glass-bottom boat to see coral. However, you do not pass to visit Yen cave and swim there. Going along rocky terrances to the peak of Du Ha mountain. From the top view, you can admire the spacious sky and sea comfortably.

Diep Son island

Diep Son island – Phong Van bay

Diep Son island belongs the bay Phong Van. Specially, from 6:00 am, when the tide ebbed away, a way will appear to connect three small and big islands. Additionally, the fishing villages are quite virgin. If you are possible, you should go boats and experience the life of fishermen. On the other hand, you should try to grope shellfishes into sands or rock-top along the sea. Surely, you will have a safe and memorable holiday.

Doc Let beach 

Doc Let beach

Belonging to Ninh Hai village, Ninh Hoa district, Doc Let is far from Nha Trang to the north about 50 kilo-metres. The beach is famous for rows of casuarina-trees, coconut-trees, long sandy shores with more than 10 kilo-metres in length. Besides, Doc Let owns many service like water motor, flying umbrella, tug of war on the beach and seafood parties with a reasonable price.  

 Fishing village Bich Dam

Fishing village Bich Dam

Bich Dam is the farthest island of Nha Trang beach, located in Hon Tre islands. The fishing village is a place without developing for travel campaign, so it is so peaceful at the middle of blue water area. The name Bich Dam is as the fishermen transmit together. Rock Bridge post is a place that have the only boat to Bich Dam island. It departs at 11:30 am, then after 2 hours, you will come to the island. And, it return at 6:00 am. Because it is so virgin that there are not any service there. You can talk with fishermen to ask a homestay for you or bring a tent to camp in the island.

Hon Ong ( Whale Island) 

hon ong nha trang – whale island

Hon Ong or Whale Island is in the bay Van Phong, Van Ninh district, far from Nha Trang about 100 kilo-metres. There is one resort, almost the resort provide all service in the island.  Particularly, the beach belongs the preserved one, so, certainly, it is very pure, and fresh. If you are living in a bustling street, you will love the fresh air of virgin places so much. Surely, you will not find any garbages around the main beach. In my opinion, Hon Ong is really suit for the people loving beaches and exploring the natural beauty. Coming to Hon Ong,  you will have a noteworthy off-days, unlike the busy cities.



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