Vietnam cheapest places for expats to live

Nowadays, Traveling to other countries is popular and interesting. However, if we only travel and do nothing, it is so boring, right? Now we will discover Vietnam cheapest places for expats to live.

Vietnam in Top 20 countries to live and work for foreigners or expats.

Above all, Vietnam as number 16 in a list which an international bank investigates the safest and cheapest country to find a new life over the world for expats.

Specially, the investigation Expat Explorer by HSCB (The Health and Social Care Board) managing in 2014, according to the opinion of foreigners about 3 main features: experience in life, life expectancy, education and income/standard of living.

Moreover, New Zealand lead top in list 20 best countries to live and work for expats in a new environment. Meanwhile, Vietnam in position 20th, it is higher than Russia (17th), Japan ( 18th), Malaysia (19th) and the last is Belgium (20th). 

Additionally, the participants appreciates the life expectancy in Vietnam, especially, available income (money can get after paying tax). The ideas show that they can only take low expenditures for transportations, entertainment, public traffic, but it is still nice in quality. That make them enjoy the life and save money comfortably.

Why is Vietnam?

About 80% ideas of the foreigner in Vietnam said that they has been discovering Vietnam more than their country. Consequently, with a low fee of public transportation, they thought that no reason pass to explore Vietnam.

Almost, professional and expats in Vietnam advice foreigners to enjoy the traditional holidays in Vietnam, especially, Lunar New Year. 89 % idea has a passion with Vietnamese subculture.

Tet holiday Vietnam

Cheapest places

Food is also a peak point of Vietnam in tourists’s eyes. 87% foreigners living in Vietnam strongly confirm that they love Viet food much. A woman in South Africa living in Vietnam shares that she love Vietnam. It is easy to move to other areas with reasonable price of domestic transportation. Actually, she is extremely surprised with its cheap cost. Specially, the food is amazing and delicious to try.

The high worthy features of Vietnam consist of sociable life and nice friends (73%). The investigated foreigners by HSBC (Banking and Online Banking) show that the Vietnamese are really friendly and easy to make friends.

Another foreigner (named as Eric) advices that: “please make use of studying Vietnamese, as it will have a lot of advantages for you. Besides, built a open-hearted thought. Because that the things you think that it is unusual, but it is normal for the Vietnamese. It is a special culture.”

Some others said that Vietnam security and politics are so safe and stable!

Nevertheless, almost, expats think that Vietnam need to enhance the health service and standard of living in the quality for children.



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  • Ramus Lolck says:

    Hey y’all! Got tired of scanning old posts. Boyfriend and I are traveling to the Vietnamese this fall..November-December for 3 weeks. What to do and see?!? We’re up for pretty much anything? Flying into…completely bypass and keep moving or stay a night there to get the “experience”? Favorite places? We’ll have a budget close to backpacker’s but can splurge on a few things.

    Thanks in advance!

  • America says:

    If you were a Russian were the hell could you go for a vacation. Certainly not the U.S and western Europe and see how everyone else is living better. Not to Eastern Europe were they’re hated.
    Not to Egypt. Their airliner might get shot down.
    Vietnam would be better. The Soviets gave them tons of aid. There they are liked and welcome. Also it’s cheap in Vietnam. And anything that’s true is Pollacks are cheap.
    I’m not to sure about Cuba.

  • Alie 318 says:

    …And Vietnam has always been their Hawaii since Soviet era

  • Micheal says:

    cause they don’t need a visa to enter Vietnam.. they’re exempted.

  • Yap Gim Kwee says:

    business opportunity

  • Konnalii Alohaohana says:

    Do they visit as tourists ? Or staying to live?? Tourism is a good industry.

  • Szaki says:

    It’s a low cost Hawaii for Russians, warm, nice weather , cheap shopping, good time!
    Better than Siberia!!!!

  • Relief says:

    whats up with all the smoking lol Russians love smoking

  • gavi deem says:

    love oriental peoples from uk !!!!!

  • Chu Kim says:

    Simple economics. Vietnam, or south east Asian countries are affordable to them, and for the price Vietnam is a very lovely and exotic country to visit. Most countries at Vietnam’s economic level have serious major crime problems, Vietnam doesn’t. Life in Vietnam is peaceful and tourists are relatively safe. So of course Russians like Vietnam

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