West lake – a luxury Hanoi destination on the weekend

If you have a chance to drop in Ha Noi capital on the weekend, West lake is a great destination on the weekend for all family without going anywhere else. All services around the lake like relaxing, shopping, eating, playing sports will satisfy you.

1. Entertainment around West lake

 Firstly, it is waterpark. Its peak-season often last from May to July. From August  to the end of the Autumn, there are less tourists, but the place is still attractive in the sunny days. Specially, you can swim in the fresh pools or play out-door risk activities such as water slides…

West lake water park

Moreover, the place is aslo wider and fresher than the centre of the city where are full of dust and atmospheric noise of transports. Besides, if you like romantic atmosphere, you can choose going boats or dropping in coffee shops at between Thuy Khe street (Thuỵ Khê) and Thanh Nien street (Thanh Niên).

An other note is that the coffee shops near the water park are cheaper than one near the lakeside. However,  the coffee shops neat lakeside will be more romantic. It is nice for the couple to talk together.

2. Dropping in Historic Vestiges of Hanoi capital

With the concentrating of many temples, pagodas, churches on the street about 18,6 kilometers in length, it is the famous vestige-street in Ha Noi capital. There are more 20 historic vestiges around the lake such as: Tran Quoc pagoda ( Trấn Quốc), Vong Thi pagoda ( Võng Thị), Kim Lien pagoda (Kim Liên), Tao Sach pagoda ( Tảo Sách), Ba Danh pagoda (Bà Đanh), Quan Thanh temple ( Quán Thánh), West-lake palace, Trich Sai temple (Trích Sài), Yen Phu temple ( Yên Phụ), Nghi Tam temple ( Nghi Tàm)…..

3. Shopping

The streets around the lake near Hong river ( Sông Hồng) like To Ngoc Van, Xuan Dieu, Yen Phu is a place with many shops which almost serve the foreign tourists. The goods are often unique for you to choose.

The maket days on To Ngoc Han street is a favorite place for Asian-European tourists when coming to Hanoi. There are food, drinks, books, cosmetics, old clothes and souvenirs about handicraft.

4. Food

Its food is quite diversified and attractive. It is also famous with West lake ice-creams, shrimp-cake on Thanh Nien street. If you go there, you will see long lines to wait buy ice-creams or shrimp-cakes. West lake also concentrate a lot of luxury restaurants with Asian-European food-style like Sen West Lake, Thang Loi, Sumvilla….

5. Transportation

Choosing a lot of other transports to stroll around West lake will make you feel pleased so much. The motorbikes are still popular because you don’t spend much time to visit the favourite places. The next vehile is the tram. It is so fresh for air. You can feel comfortable to enjoy the fresh air around the biggest lake of the captital.

Finally, not only relaxing, the street is also a place to exercise in the every morning and the morning.




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