Why do tourists want to travel in Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is still becoming an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. However, Tourists often remind Hoi An when telling about their interesting trip. So, Do you know why it is very attractive? Now, we all explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Viet Nam Travel

1. Hoi An is a city with many differences comparing to others in Vietnam.

It is a quiet ancient town full of depositing atmosphere which makes tourists feel like coming back the childhood. Also, this place is suitable for the couples having just married or someone who finding the relaxing time for the life. If you have time, drop in Hoi An one time to try the only new things, eat the street food, meet and exchange the culture with the local residents, or have a happy time with your couple in Hoi An, a S-shaped country.

2.  The ancient town is sellected as Top 10 attractive travel cities in Asia (Magazine Smart Travel Asia voted). 

At the area of the ancient town, you will walk inside streets comfortably without worrying about the traffic safety. Hoi An at night is more amazing at the light illuminating from decorative multi-coloured lanterns. You are surely fond of the time as you will feel like stepping in ancient space million years ago.

3. Best Beaches

This is a virgin beach, Cua Dai beach, full of white sands. Certainly, you maybe stroll over the sands and breath in and out the fresh air comfortably. Also, with fresh seafood, the trip to Hoi An beach leaves an unforgettable experience in tourists’s memory.

4. Hoi An is located between 2 UNESCO world heritages: Hue Imperial City and My Son sanctuary.

Hence, from Hoi An, you can go to 2 the place easily.

5. Hoi An still keeps the old culture combined of the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Japanese. 

The locals is very hospitable , so if you go anywhere, you also see the friendly eyes and smiles welcoming you to come to Hoi An. Specially, the staffs of gift shops sell politely without  inviting with insistence or much entreating.

6. The express sewing service in Hoi An city is attractive to both domestic and foreign tourists.

America’s Magazine Time estimated this service as one of the quickest and cheapest services all over the world.  The customers from different continents, only look for information via website, or send an email to any sewing shop, so they will have a suitable clothes. The service is popular because all processes from setting to finishing a suit or a dress for only 3 to 4 hours. Moreover, tourist can place your address at the shop, the boss will bring you the clothes at your house.

7. Hoi An is a festival and carnival city.

It was the fifth of group ” the best festival city in Asia” voted by Magazine Smart Travel Asia. Hoi An collects 22 of 100 festivals in the city to build the carnivals each year. This is the carnival which are attractive to visitors, including traditional folk festivals, regional carnivals, contemporary one, New Year Festival, …..

 8. There are many activities to discover in this ancient town. 

Almost this interesting activities express the beauty in culture of locals in Hoi An. Additionally, you can join the tours lie “become a farmer in a day at Tra Que ‘s vegetable village or a fisherman in a day” to come back to the nature and experience the daily life of the locals.

9. The food in this city keep the domestic and foreign tourists’s feet.

Cao Lau, Quang noodleGrilled meatStir-fried Baby Basket Clams with Crackers, bread,, … are top dishes you should try to eat before leaving Hoi An.



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